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UX and Visual Designer ( 用户体验及视觉设计师 )

Posted on 19 Dec 12
UX and Visual Designer for mobile applications and responsive websites.
User Experience and Visual Designer

You will work with our Creative Director and Senior Designers as well as User Experience and Interaction Designers. Together we will create what MING is well known for: simple, meaningful, and beautiful websites and applications. As a part of our team you will gain exposure to international clients and interesting projects in a collaborative and friendly environment.


- Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree (In Computer Science or related studies)
- At least 3 years of design experience in an IT / Software related workplace
- Deep Experience in Visual Design
- Deep Experience in User Experience / Interaction Design

- Very good English language skills (Chinese, French or German are a plus)
- Highly Motivated, Self-Directed, Positive Can-Do Attitude
- Can work in a Collaborative, High-Pressure and Fast-Paced Environment
- Good Time Management, Be Available for Conference Calls in the early morning or late night (due to the global nature of our team)
- Must love great Design

What we offer

- You will be part of a young and international team of highly talented, creative people
- You can work from home or in our great terrace office in the heart of Shanghai
- You will be able to take on high responsibility and really make a difference
- You will have plenty of learning opportunities in all our fields of expertise
- You can be flexible in the time at which you work, we can accommodate your lifestyle

Salary Range: Negotiable
Job Type: Full-Time
Starting date: ASAP

About Us

Digital User Experience Design Agency, Shanghai http://www.minggroup.net
We develop user experiences for the digital world. Our passion is to truly understand and help solve our clients' business challenges. Our agency works with an international pool of world class full-time and freelance designers / developers. Most of our clients are in Europe and North America. You will fall in love with our beautiful office in Shanghai's Jing'an district and enjoy the casual friendly atmosphere of our international team here.
Please apply with a full resume, LinkedIn profile link if possible, and two references. Being able to present a portfolio of past work would be a clear advantage. We are looking forward to hear from you.
jobs [ at ] minglabs . com



您将与我们的创意总监、资深设计师以及用户体验及交互设计师一起共事。团队通力协 作,一起创造我们MING标志性的美观并简于形、涵于内的网站及应用程序。加入我们的 团 队以后,你将在我们互助合作、友好的氛围中工作,接触到国际上的客户以及一些有趣 的项 目。



-能合理安排自己的时间,能够在早上及晚上进行电话会议(全球各地的团队时区不同的 原 因)





我们是数字用户体验设计机构,网址: http://www.minggroup.net 我们公司以用户体验为核心,深切理 解并热情地为我们的客户解决商业中遇到的挑战。我 们的团队成员来自全球各国,全职、 兼职、自由职业性质的设计师都在其中,我们的客户 大多来自欧洲与北美。我们的办公室 坐落在上海静安区,你会深深爱上这个美丽的办公 室,也会喜欢我们国际化的工作团队所带 来的轻松愉悦的气氛。
申请时请附上有你全面信息的简历、如果可以,请提供你相关资料 的连接,以及两项参考 资料,我们十分希望你能附上你以前的工作成果。 我们期待你的加 入,简历请发至 jobs [at] minglabs.com