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Visual Identity Designer Freelance Offer ( 视觉识别设计自由 )

Posted on 23 Jul 14
We are looking for a freelance graphic designer we can trust with our visual identity. Someone who can imagine and create an impactful and memorable visual identity through modern and original branding elements (logo, typography…).
The ideal candidate is comfortable in a digital design and creative role, not just branding.
Someone who can produce a unified look across brand elements such as logo, symbols, colors ...  

Someone with strong conceptual thinking, great ideas and the ability to bring them to life visually, with: 

  • A strong creativity 
  • A strong knowledge of color theory, composition, layout and typography

Sharing our vision and wowing us with some graphic design can trump all of this.
Drop us a note with your book or portfolio and some creative logo project.  

Hope to hear from you soon.