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Yu-Link ( 育迅欧洲企业中心 )

Dynamic, multi-purpose, and welcoming environment

  • Service provider
  • Incubator
  • Office space

Yu-Link is a business center that provides support for local and international companies and entrepreneurs. The 800 square meter Yu-link office space is centrally located in downtown Shanghai. Yu-link’s unique ecosystem is comprised of our members, financial partners, service providers, and the start-up community. Our mission is to provide a dynamic, multi-purpose, and welcoming environment for local enterprises and innovative international SMEs to expand to China by leveraging our shareholder’s resources. Yu-link space is not just a standard office space, but an innovative and creative space to grow your business.

Location: 上海市闸北区恒丰路638号苏河一号大厦5A层11室